Terms and conditions of Hire

The hirer shall be deemed to be familiar with and agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The room(s) hired shall be used only for the purpose(s) stated on the application form or in correspondence with the Manager

  2. The hirer shall enter the building only at times agreed with the Village Hall Manager unless prior arrangements have been made. The premises must not be left unattended and unlocked at any time.

  3. The hirer shall ensure that all fire and safety regulations are observed while using the building, that all fire exits are kept clear at all times and that all fire doors remain closed. No fire equipment shall be tampered with or removed from its place, except in the case of fire. Costs incurred due to misuse of fire equipment shall be charged to the hirer in full. The hirer may use naked flames such as candles etc. only after detailed discussion and agreement with the Manager.

  4. Children are not allowed in the kitchen.

  5. All waste should be correctly recycled in the bins provided.

  6. Rooms must be left in the condition they were in when made available for use. Cleaning costs incurred by the Village Hall due to the misuse of rooms shall be charged to the user.

  7. All damages and breakages to the Village Hall or the property of the Village Hall, including the loss, removal or theft of property, shall be charged to the user at replacement cost.

  8. The Village Hall shall not accept liability for damage to or loss of property or for personal injury not caused by negligence of the management of the Village Hall.

  9. No smoking is allowed on the premises.

  10. The Village Hall is not licensed for the sale of alcohol.  Alcohol may be consumed on the premises at private parties. Hirers who wish to organise an event for which an admission charge is made and alcohol is to be served or sold, must inform the Manager and obtain a Temporary Event Notice from Cambridge City Council.

  11. In order to minimise noise nuisance to neighbours, all music whether live or recorded shall cease at 11.00 pm.

  12. In case of an urgent emergency, hirers should get in touch with the Village Hall Manager, using the Emergency phone 07741555807


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